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It all started with an idea centered on innovation.

One day in 1985, John J. Wu stood in an unusually long line at the post office. As he waited, he noticed a large grandfather clock ticking loudly with every second. The longer he waited in line, the louder the clock seemed to be.

After 15 minutes, his impatience started to grow. After 30 minutes, he became frustrated and contemplated how he could dismantle the clock piece by piece.

After 45 minutes, the frustration became too much and an idea popped into his head. This idea would eliminate (or at least significantly reduce) post office lines across the country! It was at this moment that the idea for a self-service post office kiosk was formed.

This post office hero decided to form Digicon Corporation, a technology company centered on innovation. To this day, Digicon is a company of enthusiasts dedicated to our clients and their futures.

Personalized Solutions

Today, there seems to be an infinite amount of IT solutions designed to help businesses. Questions such as, “Should I be using the cloud?” or “Is my IT security as good as it needs to be?” are commonplace. The trick is finding out what is right for your company.

That’s where we come in. At Digicon, we understand that every business is unique. We work closely with our clients to design customized IT solutions that fit their business models. We specialize in advanced IT solutions, so our team can handle just about anything—from simple desktop support to enterprise-level cloud migration. In addition, we’re able to optimize cost savings for your business through our unique, single-source delivery of net-centric business applications, managed services, and cloud infrastructure services. In all cases, our solutions are designed to maximize the productivity and profits of our clients.

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