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Since the PC revolution began in the early 1980s, the personal computer has literally been “personal”: It is the hub of all productivity and processing, and it’s primarily the responsibility of the user to maintain all the hardware, applications, data, backups, networking, security, and recovery.

This model places a tremendous burden on users whose main objective is not technology, but rather the tasks that it makes possible. In recent years, the paradigm has begun to shift, and it is only accelerating. Consumers are now comfortable subscribing to services and content that they once owned and maintained themselves. Books, videos, music, and podcasts are now overwhelmingly maintained by large service providers and leased to users on an on-demand basis. Virtual Presence™ is the natural evolution of this model into the business world.

The Problem

Hackers and virus writers are relentless and increasingly sophisticated. Applications and operating systems get corrupted and are constantly being patched and upgraded. And, most stressful of all, people drop and lose their laptops and tablets. These and countless related challenges are not the reasons we embrace technology, but are instead the reasons it keeps us up at night. Thankfully, Digicon’s Virtual Presence initiative promises to render all of these concerns obsolete.


Virtual Presence is the overarching effort to deliver the user experience that the PC era envisioned but rarely realized, while removing the onerous costs and complexities associated with distributing the enterprise through countless individual, and often unreliable, machines. Netflix, iTunes, Facebook, and many other virtualized services have proven the value and popularity of consolidating and professionalizing the maintenance and delivery of content. You and your colleagues have already embraced this technology in personal life. Now is the time to introduce this transformation to your business.

Virtual Presence is Digicon’s cloud services delivery platform. Digicon’s Virtual Presence solutions offer reliable, scalable, and secure information technology (IT) solutions using the latest cloud computing technologies to meet the demands of today’s diverse and mobile workforce. Virtual Presence includes:

  • File and Print Services (Amazon FSx, Active Directory Services, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud)
  • Security Services (Microsoft Defender, AWS Client and Site-to-Site VPN, Windows Server Update Services)
  • Backups (AWS Backups, Amazon Simple Storage Service, Amazon Glacier)
  • Remote Access (Amazon WorkSpaces, Amazon AppStream, Amazon WorkLink)
  • Line-of-Business Applications
  • 24/7 Help Desk & Monitoring
  • Microsoft Office 365 Support
  • AWS Cloud & Migration
  • Consulting
  • .office Live web conferencing system

If you think our Virtual Presence solutions could benefit your business, please contact Digicon Corporation to schedule a free consultation today.

Our Clients

National Institutes of Health

Department of Defense

Maryland, Department of Transportation

For the National Institutes of Health, Digicon migrated the entire workflow associated with the human genome project to a virtualized, multi-tenant environment.

Prior to this effort, the time required to complete a genome sequence was days to weeks and cost tens of thousands of dollars. With the workflows centrally managed in Digicon’s cloud, sequencing runs were shortened to hours, and the price was slashed to approximately $1,000.

These reductions in cost and time have had a transformative effect, suddenly making these important advances in genetics available to everyone from the family doctor to local law enforcement.

The cost and time savings of virtualizing genome sequencing has made possible the wide distribution of this revolutionary technology to local healthcare providers and law enforcement, among many others.






With an increase in deployments and rapid changes in enemy tactics, the Department of Defense was becoming hamstrung by the burdensome time and expense of rotating troops back and forth from theater to home front for critical training. Whether the training relates to new terrorist communication protocols or IED disarmament techniques, the pace of warfare no longer allows huge gaps between discovery and dissemination to the field.

Digicon built virtualized classrooms—securely delivered from our cloud over terrestrial, cellular, and satellite networks—that can deliver training to and from anywhere in the world.

In transportation costs alone, this system has saved the Department of Defense $10,000 per soldier, per training rotation, and the results can be measured best in lives saved and missions accomplished.







In 2009, Digicon virtualized the State of Maryland, Department of Transportation (MDOT)’s enterprise resource system,
including management of human resources and inventory.

All vehicles and workers carry mobile devices that communicate their location and status. The devices interface with the enterprise system and greatly eases the logistical burdens across the board.

For example, snow plow drivers previously had to report to an MDOT office
to record their start and end times. This often required an hour or more to drive each way from the office to their place of work. Now, they clock in and out using the mobile device, saving MDOT more than $1M in just one season.

Virtualization can enable enterprises to apply advanced logistical and management techniques to resources in challenging, non-office work environments. Digicon’s virtualization solution helps MDOT dynamically track and assign its maintenance and inventory assets, improving response times and accuracy and saving millions in taxpayer dollars.


How Can IT Cloud Computing Help Your Business?

Is your business growing, but you don’t have the IT expertise and infrastructure to scale up? Our custom IT catalog may be the answer. Companies of all sizes are moving to the cloud—from fast-growing startups to multinational enterprises—and so should you. Here’s why:

  • Reduce IT operational costs
  • Decrease costly downtime
  • Increase IT staff productivity
  • Scale your IT structure
  • Stop worrying about computer updates, hard drives, and expiring licenses
  • Improve workplace and data security
  • Gain 24/7 access to live end user technical support from skilled engineers who know your business
  • Get help with AWS migration and implementation

Learn more about how we can help your business—contact us for a free consultation today!

Desktop Virtualization

We offer a variety of cloud IT solutions to meet your company’s specific needs. Desktop virtualization replaces traditional, costly, and time-consuming PC desktop life cycle management with a more efficient solution to meet today’s demands for lower costs, tighter security, and greater flexibility. Desktop virtualization enables IT to centrally store and manage one instance of an operating system, applications, and user settings, then dynamically assemble them on demand. 

Reclaim Your Time and Resources

Users experience the freedom and flexibility of having immediate access to information whenever, wherever, on any device. Virtual Presence solutions are free of concerns about security, data loss, scalability, updates, and maintenance, allowing you to reclaim your time and resources to focus on more meaningful pursuits.

Why Choose Digicon?

  • Partnerships: At Digicon, we leverage our partnerships with companies like AWS to offer customized, cost-effective solutions.
  • Technical expertise: We have over 30 years of experience serving businesses. Our technical team is also well versed in both traditional IT and cloud technologies.
  • Service-oriented organization: We offer personal, one-on-one service to make your transition to the cloud as seamless as possible. Then, our ongoing support and monitoring services take your specific needs into account for a customized solution that fits your budget.
  • 24/7/365 Network Operations Support Center: We keep a watchful eye on your network at all times, helping you anticipate and prevent problems, as well as resolve any issues that may arise.

To begin benefiting from our cloud IT solutions, please schedule a free consultation and assessment with Digicon Corporation today.

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